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Lisboa, Portugal



Get involved with the community
Experience the city and have a great time
Meet other makers, artists, architects and designers
Interventions with local impact
A practical approach to search for solutions
Learn new skills and new practices 
1:1 scale projects


Week One

On the first week you will bind with your team and tutors, debate your ideas and design them in place. You will start to test and create prototypes with the team. This first week you'll have also time to know the city, interact with the local community, architects, designers and artists. You will finish the week with a Saturday activity on the beach.

Week Two

Sunday it's a day off to visit around. In the second week is when the "hands-on" takes place. This will be your experience of building what you designed in the first week. Here you will learn the practical side of architecture, and you will see it in 1:1 scale.
In the last day, you'll use it, and see it working with the local inhabitants, at the final party.


- Insurance

- Safety gear;

- Tools;

- Design material (pens, paper, etc);

- Lunch;

- Snacks and coffee/tea;

- Final Party.

Not Included

- Trips;


- Meals except lunch;

- Computers (not essential);

- Safety shoes;

- Saturday Extra Activities (e.g. surf lesson, city trips, etc). 




Check here the detailed program for 2019.

Click to download the full PDF document