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Lisboa, Portugal

Welcome to


2 weeks summer school

In the Heart of Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of authenticity where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural influences from all over the world. There's the amazing food, the good weather with beautiful sunsets, the river, the sea, the people. A vibrate contemporary city, full of secrets and places to be discovered. 

Design & Build

Our concept if very simple:

You DESIGN it and you BUILD it!

From A to Z you'll be involved in everything and learn from all the different phases of the process. Through out this process we'll be supporting you with a team of tutors, with experience in both phases and tutoring methodologies. 

Interventions That Matters

In Hands-On Lisbon you will work closely with the community to receive their inputs and understand their problems and needs. It is intended that the interventions have a local impact by finding solutions and raising questions. The goal in the end is to improve the neighborhood.

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Warehouse is an architecture and art collective founded in 2013. 

In our search for what architecture is nowadays and what role the architects play, Warehouse fundaments its architectural praxis through design, experimentation, mediation, civic participation processes, collaboration and practical intervention.

Warehouse develops participatory architecture projects in the cultural and social scope. These processes lead to results with greater impact in the emerging urban landscape.

Warehouse seeks to contribute to the collective and responsible construction of the public and private space. We understand the role of the architect as a mediator, aware of the impact that urban space activation initiatives and social interventions have with the communities that inhabit the city.

The idiosyncratic factor of the collective is its ability to design and build their own projects. Hands-on approach is transversal in our practice. Warehouse develops collaborative projects because we believe that through co-creation and multidisciplinary, it’s possible to achieve better results.

this summer school 


Cultural Interaction

Lisbon is a multicultural city, with people from all over the world coming more and more to live in. Hands on Lisbon is also a international workshop, that will gather participants from the four corners of the world.
Join this big family!

Summer Experience

From 14 to 28 of July you'll be fully submerge in creativity, social interaction and professional motivation. Two weeks of intense learning and sharing between you, your team, your tutors and the local community of Mouraria and Graça neighbourhoods.

1:1Scale Results

The creative part doesn't end in the design phase. Here we push it further, promoting a more open design to be adapted along the way, as you see it taking shape. All changes and mistakes matter to produce a better result. Learn from your own idea and from your team inputs.

Early Bird - 675€
Late Bird - 750€

For late applications

Until 17th of June, if there's still an empty slot, don't think twice. Apply!

Fill up the application form with all the details and an amazing motivation letter to get your spot in this summer school.

Apply until the 30 of April, and get a 10% of discount.
Fill up the application form with all the details and an amazing motivation letter to get your spot in this summer school.

+ Accommodation 

To help you find good solutions, Hands-on Lisbon participants have a 10% discount in Largo Residências. Nevertheless the choice is yours. For more information check Largo website.




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